10.Deep Drops Fall 2 Delivery, Empties Wallets Everywhere

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Fuck 10.Deep man. There, I said it. Each drop is better than the last and they never falter. They have the dopest patterns, trick details, and the kind of unified vision that is seemingly rare in the streetwear game. If you got any pieces from their wicked Fall 1 drop, or their limited edition Bacchanal blowout, then your wallet is getting a workout from these guys. Their Fall 2 delivery “Nightfall” is equally deadly, filled with incredible pieces in a new dark purple and tan/gold color palette. There are some new navaho-inspired patterns, and plenty more dope details to help you justify buying the whole collection, AGAIN. Check out some lookbook shots below and head over to 10.Deep so you can choose the pieces you’ll start harvesting your organs for.

10-Deep-Fall-2-1 10-Deep-Fall-2-2 10-Deep-Fall-2-4 10-Deep-Fall-2-6

10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-1 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-2 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-3 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-4 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-5 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-6 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-7 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-8 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-9 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-10 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-11 10-Deep-Fall-2-Lookbook-12



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