10.Deep Holiday ’13 “Midnight” Collection

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10.Deep steps up once again, refining the great gear they’re dropping each release, this time with their Holiday 2013 collection titled “Midnight”. This collection is the last in their daily cycle range, having started with “Daylight” in Fall 1 then moving to “Nightfall” with Fall 2, and represents the intersection of present and future with midnight being the end of one day and the start of the next. Building on the urban sportswear vibe we’ve seen in the last few drops, “Midnight” takes it a step future with a range of Olympic-inspired gear along with another offering of baseball jerseys and a hockey jersey. Check out the “Midnight” lookbook below and start grabbing this gear tonight at midnight over at the 10.Deep online shop.

10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-1 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-2 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-3 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-4 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-5 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-6 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-7 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-8 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-9 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-10 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-11 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-12 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-13 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-14 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-15 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-16 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-17 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-18 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-19 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-20 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-21 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-22 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-23 10-Deep-Holiday-2013-Midnight-24




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