20 Jackets, 20 Days: Urban Natured’s ‘UNDERSTATEMENT’ Collection

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Urban Natured is a high-end content company that focus on celebrating all walks of urban city culture through fashion and design. Founded in 2011, it began from a desire to inspire through innovation and creativity. Now Urban Natured Clothing and The City Raised Group are embarking on a new campaign: “Understatement”. On March 5th at midnight the brand will be releasing 21 jackets that will be sold through their website, and you will only have 20 days to get yours.
In this fashion-crazed world new brands are constantly emerging. What sets them apart is what they represent; some exist for artistic expression and others merely for profit. Then there are brands that seek to influence and innovative the creativity in popular culture and that’s where Urban Natured fit in.

The jackets will be sold for $150 USD except for one. This will be the STEALTH jacket, a one-of-a-kind white jacket with grey highlights, constructed from premium fabrics, with 24k gold hinges. This level of quality and exclusivity will run you $2000 USD. These 21 jackets will only be released this ONE TIME ONLY and won’t be produced again, making them extremely limited edition.

What makes this campaign even more unique is the innovative website which will run for the 20 day period. Fans will have the option of selecting one of 20 icons of the UNDERSTATEMENT logo when purchasing the jacket. Once the jacket has been purchased that particular icon will behave an X over it, and once someone hovers over it the buyers name will pop up, proudly showcasing the exclusive owner of the limited edition item.

If you go on the brand’s site now (www.urbannatured.com) you can check out a new promo video as it counts down till the the midnight release (Eastern time) on March 5th.
This is one of many more limited edition campaigns set to release by the brand this year. Also be on the lookout for their Spring/Summer Dropout Collection set to release in April. Check out some teaser shots of one of these exclusive jackets below and don’t sleep on the launch tomorrow night!
Urban-Natured-Understatement-Dopamine36-1 Urban-Natured-Understatement-Dopamine36-2 Urban-Natured-Understatement-Dopamine36-3Urban-Natured-Understatement-Dopamine36-4



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