40s & Shorties Spring ’14 Lookbook by Van Styles

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40s & Shorties are well-known for making dope socks featuring patterns like blunts, lean cups, twerking, and well, 40s. For Spring 2014 they’re taking the game to new heights, teaming up with Van Styles along with Rachel Sterling, Daria Makuch and Loraine Day for a sexy new lookbook. Set in a dimly lit (with occasional black lights) strip club, Van captures the classic prints along with epic new additions to the range like Cee-Lo (dice), Make It Rain (cash), Rollie (Rolex), Henny (Hennessy Cognac), and more. Check out the lookbook below and cop your 40s & Shorties socks now from their online shop.

40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-1 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-2 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-3 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-4 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-5 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-6 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-7 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-8 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-9 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-11 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-12 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-13 40s-Shorties-Spring-Lookbook-Van-Styles-14



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