Accessory Of The Day: Shrine Sneaker Racks

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If you’re a sneakerhead and you haven’t heard of San Francisco’s Shrine Racks then you’re welcome for what you’re about to read. Using a system of beautifully contoured metal, creator Fernando Robert has created the ultimate storage system for your kicks that lets you keep them clean and artfully on display. Each brushed aluminum piece is precisely laser cut in their local facility and can be easily installed on any wall with a couple of screws. The Shrine Sneaker Rack has been designed to showcase the right shoe on the bottom ledge while displaying the left shoe’s sole on the top bracket. They’ve also introduced their Shoe Rack that displays three pairs of your favorite kicks vertically. The Sneaker Rack will run you $30 while the larger Shoe Rack costs $70, and you can grab both from Shrine’s online shop.

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