Acrylick Spring ’14 Delivery 2 Lookbook

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Acrylick just released the second half of their collection for Spring 2014. The second delivery reinforces Acrylick’s ongoing message of positivity, tradition, and individuality with a series of new designs for both men and women. The range of tees, tanks, and headwear also finds new graphics that reflects Acrylick’s undying love for hip hop including a Japanese Geisha on turntables, drum pads and controllers, and other designs that nod to vinyl and record labels. Check out the new lookbook below and shop the collection over on Acrylick’s online shop.

Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-1 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-2 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-3 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-4 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-5 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-6 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-7 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-8 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-9 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-10 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-12 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-13 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-14 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-15 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-16 Acrylick-Spring-Delivery-2-Lookbook-17



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