Adidas Originals Get The McNasty Treatment For F/W ’13

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Mark McNairy is at it again. Adidas Originals have teamed up again this season with Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi for another collection in their ongoing 84-Lab series. For this season though, the duo have enlisted the help of McNairy to push the envelope a little further. Following the release of the collection’s lookbook in July comes this first look at these new pieces in detail. McNairy is all over the line with his ‘McNasty’ moniker showing up on tees, track jackets, and even on some trick Adidas kicks. Check it out below and keep an eye out for this gear when it drops on October 19th.

Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-1 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-2 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-3 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-4 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-5 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-6 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-7 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-8 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-9 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-10 Adidas-Originals-84-Lab-Mark-McNairy-11



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