Adidas Originals “Return Of The Top Ten”

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Adidas Originals have been ramping up the hype machine around the return of their iconic Top Ten high top kicks. To bridge the gap between today and when the Top Tens originally launched 35 years ago, Adidas have put together a video and interactive site that follow the journey and the impact these kicks have had. They also created a lookbook featuring some of the Top Ten’s new ambassadors including Danny Brown (who was wearing some Top Tens when he played Kimmel last week), musician John Gourley, and legendary photographer Jamal Shabazz. Check it all out below and learn more about the Top Ten over at Adidas.

Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-2 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-3 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-4 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-5 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-6 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-8 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-9 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-10 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-11 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-12 Adidas-Originals-Top-Ten-13



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