Agenda x Flexfit Hat Collection

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A few months ago, The Agenda Show announced they had signed a three year deal with headwear giants Flexfit to exclusively produce the trade shows’ curated selection of brand collaboration hats. Below is a look at the results of the collabs from this week’s Agenda Show in Long Beach with collab pieces by CLSC, Burn Rubber, 40OZ NYC, and Basecamp. The range was on display at the Basecamp interactive booth where artists were painting murals behind the displays and unfortunately, the hats are only available to trade show VIPs and friends and family of the show (so, more VIPs). Regardless though, the brands chosen for the collaboration have been recognized for their rise in the industry so expect lots more dopeness from them. Check out the joints below:

Agenda-Flexfit-2014-Hat-Collection-1 Agenda-Flexfit-2014-Hat-Collection-2 Agenda-Flexfit-2014-Hat-Collection-4 Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-43



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