Akomplice Fall 2013: Taking Streetwear Back To The Streets

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There is no shortage of streetwear brands in the game, but how many of these brands are still reppin’ on the streets? Akomplice had this in mind when they were creating their lookbook for their Fall 2013 collection and upcoming Fall 2 drop on September 26 (This Thursday in case you lost your calendar). They sought to ‘re-imagine’ the lookbook and take it beyond a set of cool pictures, and literally take it to the streets by wheatpasting their shots around their home turf of Denver.

Akomplice had this to say about the concept for the lookbook shoot:

“For their fall collection, Akomplice taps burgeoning talent in the electronic enclave that is scaling globally. Artists include Big Gigantic, Griz, Paper Diamond, Two Fresh, Michal Menert and Catch Lungs, all of whom were captured in their natural element, including the props and vices of their choice. Rather than staged and meticulously styled, the Akomplice Fall 2013 lookbook take a different approach, giving a natural look at each artist’s style with palpable personality captured in each image.”

The result is a set of simple and raw shots that make you stop and look on the streets. Some of the pictures are downright hilarious, especially when they’re then wheatpasted in unexpected spots around the city. The collection itself continues Akomplice’s rhythm of vibrant allover prints and cleanly styled staples like jackets, crews, and tees. Check out the lookbook shots below and stay tuned for more on the new drop on Thursday. Props to Akomplice for finding news ways to keep their business fresh and innovative!

Akomplice-lookbook-1 Akomplice-lookbook-2 Akomplice-lookbook-3 Akomplice-lookbook-4 Akomplice-lookbook-5 Akomplice-lookbook-6 Akomplice-lookbook-7 Akomplice-lookbook-8 Akomplice-lookbook-9 Akomplice-lookbook-10 Akomplice-lookbook-11 Akomplice-lookbook-12 Akomplice-lookbook-13 Akomplice-lookbook-14 Akomplice-lookbook-15 Akomplice-lookbook-16 Akomplice-lookbook-17 Akomplice-lookbook-18 Akomplice-lookbook-19



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