Akomplice Holiday ’13

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Not one to sit back and bask in their success, the ambitious team at Akomplice have squeezed out one more collection for 2013, and an important one at that. For Holiday 2013, Akomplice again pushes their own limits, venturing into the increasingly popular realm of sublimation printing with some incredible new printed pieces including tees, hoodies, and a special range in collaboration with renowned artist and Creative Director Michael Cina. Another trick piece is the “Gradients Of Smoke” tee and hoodie that uses an innovative hyperlight ink that changes from grey hues to a rainbow of colors when placed in sunlight. The line also sees a restock of their exclusive V.S.O.P. collection including a belt and pocket watch. Check it all out below and grab it from Akomplice’s online shop.

Akomplice-Holiday-2013-2 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-3 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-4 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-5 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-6 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-7 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-8 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-9 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-10 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-11 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-12 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-13 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-14 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-15 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-16 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-17 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-18 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-19 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-20 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-21 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-22 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-23 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-24 Akomplice-Holiday-2013-25



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