Akomplice Spring 1 ’14

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The inventive crew at Akomplice keep it moving with their first delivery for Spring 2014 featuring a broad range of gear to appeal to both new and existing fans alike. Combining multiple ranges into one extensive drop, Akomplice have brights, prints, and classics covered. The flamingo returns along with a trippy sky print to new 5 panels and pocket tees, while they’ve re-upped their benefit collaboration with The Nature Conservancy with new Dark Cat and Protect Panther designs.

In addition to new crewnecks, Akomplice’s Spring 1 drop acknowledges their Colorado heritage with cold weather gear including the trick Padded Mountaineer, a lightweight winter jacket that features leather elbow pads, a secret stash pocket, and hiking-boot laces as the drawstrings. There’s also some new beanies including one that “cleverly features all your favorite chemical compounds: THC, LSD, and MDMA”.

Their VSOP range also gets a re-stock with new versions of their classic pocket watch and pelican belt. Check out some of this fly new gear below and grab it starting this Saturday, February 22nd from their online shop.

Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-1 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-8 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-7 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-6 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-21 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-9 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-12 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-13 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-17 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-18 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-16 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-15 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-20 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-19 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-14 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-4 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-5 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-2 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-3 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-22 Akomplice-Spring-1-2014-23



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