Akomplice Summer ’14 Collection

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Akomplice always hooks it up with a properly good range of new gear each season, always pushing the brand further in terms of design, reach, and inspiration. For Summer 2014, they continue to raise the bar with what co-founder Patrick Liberty is calling “one of my favorite collections that Akomplice has ever come out with.” Rightly so then, the collection is named “for the love”, a mantra the inventive brand lives by. The new range is full of dope pieces for all your wardrobe staples including tees and tanks, buckets and strapbacks, hoodies, even jackets and pants. ‘For the love’ continues to develop Akomplice’s awesome photo print library with everything from birds, to tie-dye, and a very cool The Truman Show-inspired sublimation. Check out some of the pieces below and shop the just-dropped collection over on Akomplice’s online shop.

Akomplice-Summer-2014-1 Akomplice-Summer-2014-2 Akomplice-Summer-2014-3 Akomplice-Summer-2014-4 Akomplice-Summer-2014-5 Akomplice-Summer-2014-6 Akomplice-Summer-2014-7 Akomplice-Summer-2014-8 Akomplice-Summer-2014-9 Akomplice-Summer-2014-10 Akomplice-Summer-2014-11 Akomplice-Summer-2014-12 Akomplice-Summer-2014-13 Akomplice-Summer-2014-14 Akomplice-Summer-2014-15 Akomplice-Summer-2014-16 Akomplice-Summer-2014-17 Akomplice-Summer-2014-18 Akomplice-Summer-2014-19 Akomplice-Summer-2014-20 Akomplice-Summer-2014-21 Akomplice-Summer-2014-22 Akomplice-Summer-2014-23 Akomplice-Summer-2014-24 Akomplice-Summer-2014-25 Akomplice-Summer-2014-26 Akomplice-Summer-2014-27 Akomplice-Summer-2014-28



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