Akomplice x Ebbets Field Flannels 2015 “Behind The Needle”

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If you’re looking for an A1 collaboration to spend your hard-earned pennies (do they still make those???) on right now look no further than the latest release from Akomplice and heritage sportswear masters Ebbets Field Flannels. If you’ve read Dopamine36 before you know that Akomplice are always on-point with their design and quality, and we learned the exact same thing when we interviewed the Ebbets team last year. Made in America and 100% crafted-by-hand, the Akomplice x Ebbets Field Capsule Collection includes garments and iconography that is representative of where Akomplice calls home. These icons come to life in the form of ocean, beach, mountain and desert graphics, which are hand-stitched onto an array of jerseys, jackets and hats. The quality of the garments is unparalleled and the quality of the lookbook follows suit. For this project, Akomplice has once again teamed up with lookbook documentarian Jason Siegel, who captures more than just the garments, he communicates the quality with which they were made. Check out the lookbook below and shop the range over on Akomplice’s webshop.

Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-1 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-2 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-3 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-4 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-5 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-6 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-7 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-8 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-9 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-10 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-11 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-12 Akomplice-Ebbets-Field-Collaboration-2015-13



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