Akomplice x J Dilla x Joey Bada$$ Collection Drops This Friday

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After dropping news of this super rad collaboration between Akomplice and Joey Bada$$ to honor J Dilla the other week, we’ve now got a closer look at the collection that drops this Friday. Just from looking at this gear, you can tell the real passion that went into putting this capsule together, from all involved. The team at Akomplice said:

“We didn’t feel as though a collaboration of this magnitude would be complete without original music, so we included a 45 record, exclusive to the capsule, which contains an unreleased J Dilla beat dubbed “Two Lips” on Side A and an unreleased Joey Bada$$ track over the aforementioned beat on Side B. Those fortunate enough to obtain “The Set” will be blessed with the J Dilla sublimation shirt, in which the cloud-graphic appears across the entire tee, as well as a newspaper featuring interviews with both Dilla’s mom, “Ms. Yancey” and Joey Bada$$, given by our very own, Patrick Liberty. Through this collaboration, we’re pumped to have been part of bringing together two generations of hip-hop that will reverberate with today’s youth and the 90′s hip hop generation. As Joey describes it, “This project has been a dream come true, working with the soul of my favorite producer of all time is an honor.”

It’s pretty rad when great people get together to do great things, especially when it brings together elements from both fashion and music. It’s even better that the proceeds from this release will go to the J Dilla Foundation, an incredible organization that benefits and inspires youth through urban music. The clothing is super dope and the 7″ record is beautifully packaged so make sure to head over to Akomplice’s online shop on Friday, November 29th to order ‘the set’ and own a piece of history. The other t-shirt design and crewneck are already available on there as well.

Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-2 Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-3 Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-4 Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-5 Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-6 Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-7 Akomplice-Joey-Bada$$-J-Dilla-8



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