Akomplice x Original Kids Benefit Capsule

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For many brands in the streetwear industry their existence is largely about making bread and moving as many units as possible. But, for brands like Akomplice, philanthropy and creating a lasting impression outside the industry is equally important. Their latest release, a collaborative effort with their Brazilian team and the Original Kids organization follows a long and impressive line of charitable projects including their recent work with the J Dilla foundation and The Nature Conservancy. Here, Akomplice has paired up with Original Kids and a group of foster care children to produce two designs that combine photography with the kids’ whimsical art. The children were presented with a pair of images and encouraged to add their own artistic interpretation through the medium of paint. The freshly reinterpreted images were then scanned, printed and emblazoned on a pair of truly unique t-shirts and crew necks.

Akomplice will donate 50% of the profits garnered from the capsule collection to the same foster care children they tapped to collaborate. Look for the capsule collection to be available worldwide at Akomplice retailers and will hit the Akomplice webstore this Saturday, April 26th.

Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-1 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-2 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-3 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-4 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-5 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-6 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-8 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-9 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-10 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-11 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-12 Akomplice-Original-Kids-Capsule-14



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