Akomplice’s Protect Species Collection Gives Back & Looks Dope Doing It

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Akomplice are always doing something different. Whether it’s protest-inspired prints, a streetwear lookbook on the streets, or invisible ink printing, the team are always out to carve their own path. For their latest venture, Akomplice are giving back…to nature, with their Protect Species Collection. Continuing their socially conscious approach to streetwear, Akomplice have teamed up with The Nature Conservancy (one of the world’s leading land and water conservation organizations) to create some dope designs with a cause. This project focuses on preserving the lands where some of the rarest (and coolest!) creatures make their homes and does so with a 10% donation of all profits from the collections sales. Akomplice breaks it all down for us:

“The Protect Species collection posits exotic animals against a series of t-shirts. The cheetah, flamingo and lion are all represented and serve as a reminder that earth’s resources are finite and shared with other living beings. Over the years, Akomplice has found a way to synthesize social responsibility and style, while elevating issues that would otherwise fall on deaf ears within the streetwear subset. Further than tipping their hat to The Nature Conservancy through animal images, each t-shirt comes complete with printed text reminding consumers where a portion of their money is going and why it’s worthy.”

Now don’t get it twisted, these aren’t your hug-a-tree, sad-looking animal shirts designed to pull at your heartstrings and make your homies shed a tear when they see it. The shirts are dope as fuck with both sublimation printed and direct-to-garment options in monochromatic and multi-color designs. The cheetah face print is straight-up something Kanye would rock, and the flamingos joint is tropical wavy in all the right ways. Hats off to Akomplice for making charity-supporting gear that anyone (not just vegans) would rock. Check out some exclusive shots of the line below and grab it quick when it drops this Friday, November 8th on Akomplice’s online shop.

Akomplice-Protect-Series-1 Akomplice-Protect-Series-2 Akomplice-Protect-Series-3 Akomplice-Protect-Series-4 Akomplice-Protect-Series-5 Akomplice-Protect-Series-6 Akomplice-Protect-Series-7 Akomplice-Protect-Series-8 Akomplice-Protect-Series-9 Akomplice-Protect-Series-10 Akomplice-Protect-Series-11 Akomplice-Protect-Series-12 Akomplice-Protect-Series-13 Akomplice-Protect-Series-14 Akomplice-Protect-Series-15



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