Another Look At The Agenda Show, Long Beach

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On Tuesday, the Dopamine36 team headed out to Agenda at the Long Beach Convention Center, and now that we’ve had a day to let the dust settle on the event, we’re taking a look back at some of the brands we met at the show. With over 600 brands in attendance there was a lot to see (and remember) and as you’d expect the scene was busy as fuck with the major booths requiring appointments or having long lines to get in. Thankfully, we were able to chop it up with a bunch of brands we’ve been wanting to check out and meet some new ones so check out some of our favorites below. Stay tuned for lots more on these guys!

THFKDLF, Shropshire, England (check them out)

One thing that’s great about industry trade shows is that new companies are eager to talk to everyone, even blogs, so when I came across THFKDLF’s booth I got a chance to chop it up with them. Turns out they started the brand in early 2013 and make all the gear themselves. This isn’t basic screen printing either, they’re making top quality sublimation print gear, jackets, hats, the works, all by hand, piece by piece. It also turns out this was the first time here in the States so they were definitely enjoying the experience.

Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-THFKDLF-1 Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-THFKDLF-2

Radii Footwear, SoCal (check them out)

Yes we’ve features our homies at Radii before, but they blew us away with their new gear that’s dropping this year. They’ve switched manufacturers and definitely upped their game big time. The new prints and colorways are straight fire. They even have a design collab with LA graff legends CONART dropping soon.

Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-Radii-3 Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-Radii-1 Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-Radii-2

The Finer Things, SoCal (check them out)

These guys were represented as part of The Leverage’s area and we can see why they got such great representation. They make a wide range of rad socks from stripes, to patterns, to sublimation prints, and the leather holder is a nice touch. All at a super competitive price point of $8 a pair.


Magnum Socks, Los Angeles (check them out)

Magnum is killing game in the sublimation sock market. They’ve got the wildest prints on lock and the quality is top notch. Plus, they had booth babes.


Mi Pac, Global (check them out)

Although Mi Pac is neither small or local, it was the first time we came across their gear. They make some pretty dope backpacks in inventive prints and materials you don’t see much of anywhere else. And, they do it all at a super accessible price point making it some direct competition for the Herschels of the world.


Cult, Santa Ana (check them out)

What impressed us most about Cult was their hustle. Sure, they have some cool shirt designs but what was more impressive was the Simpsons bike collab they’re putting out, and the range they’re working on with Vans. This bike shop/streetwear brand/shop is on a bunch of different grinds and they’re doing big things.


Acrylick, Los Angeles (check them out)

Like Radii, we’ve featured Acrylick before, but we were sure impressed by their booth. Definitely one of the slickest operations at Agenda. They also have an impressive new range of cut-and-sew that’s definitely going to get them big attention this year and as always, their positive attitude is refreshing in this industry.


House Of Marley, Global (check them out)

HOM is a big operation (actually founded by Bob Marley’s kids) but their booth was slick and their gear is trick. They make some damn creative audio systems that let you take your music everywhere and with high quality audio.

Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-House-Of-Marley-1 Agenda-Trade-Show-Dopamine36-House-Of-Marley-2



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