Artist Of The Day: Stephen Tompkins

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Today’s Artist of the day is Ohio-based illustrator Stephen Tompkins. After coming across a few of Stephen’s illustrations on his Behance profile, I headed to his website for a deeper look at his work. His work is incredibly vivid and graphic, evoking vintage (like 20s vintage) cartoons and illustration, with a modernized, technicolor flair. This unusual juxtaposition of old school illustration, surreal subjects, and neon colors results in an almost alien aesthetic in some of his work. Check out some examples below and make sure to visit his online shop for some designs you can own.

Stephen_Tompkins_Contestant stephen_tompkins_skull-1 stephen_tompkins_skull-2 stephen_tompkins_skull-3 stephen_tompkins_skull-4 Tompkins_Hellhound_pre



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