Back To School One Way Or Another: Varsity Jackets

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Unless you’re a 10 year-old reading this blog, you probably don’t go back-to-school shopping with your mom anymore and in fact you probably don’t go back-to-school shopping full stop. So, when the ‘Fall’ season rolls around (aka end of June in the retail world) you’re left staring longingly at the shop windows while trying to plot an advance on your christmas gear/tax return.

Quick refresher, varsity jackets are those high-school-football-looking joints that typically have contrast leather or wool sleeves and a leather or wool body. Quick refresher part two: in case you haven’t heard, varsity jackets are the shit right now and have been for the past year. Fear not if you don’t have one yet cause we’re going to break down some affordable options for those (most, including myself) of you that aren’t lifetime members of the Billionaire Boys Club.


Our first option comes to you from America’s own classic purveyor of dad jeans and basics, Gap. You may not have noticed, but Gap has undergone some major changes the last few years, collaborated with some game-changers in the menswear game for special collections, and all-in-all stepped their game up. This all-wool varsity jacket is the cheapest I could find and is clean and dope with the black/navy combo. $128 Get it here.



Streetwear captains of industry Stussy have a clean joint that’s selling at Urban Outfitters that has slick faux-leather sleeves and some vintage-inspired cresting on the chest. This is some straight classic shit your grandpa would’ve given to his high-school sweetheart back in the day. It comes in all black or burgundy/white. $188 Get it here.



The fine team over at Obey have brought back the varsity jacket they put out last year in some new colorways for your enjoyment. This piece in the classic fall combo of navy and tan will help you stand out from all the A$VP wannabees in all-black. Same as the Stussy joint, this one has a wool body and faux-leather sleeves. $141 Get it here.


American Apparel

LA-based and American-Made are two reasons to get this jacket from American Apparel. This is also the only one on the list with real leather sleeves which automatically puts it up a level and means it’ll last you forever. They’ve got you covered for colorways with black on black as well as some classic combos like burgundy/creme, red/creme, blue/creme, and grey/creme. $198 Get it here.


Hope you have some new perspective on the varsity jacket game. If you don’t know now now you know. Shop till you drop y’all.



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