Banksy “Better Out Than In” NY: Day 12 & 13

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Each day in October brings with it the promise that Banksy will leave his mark on some new part of New York. Even though most people take weekends off, Bansky does not, so today we’re playing catch-up by bringing you the double-feature of weekend Better Out Than In street art installations.

October 12th

To kick off the weekend, Banksy unveiled his latest piece “Concrete Confessional” in Manhattan. The installation features a pensive looking priest stenciled inside of a concrete construction pipe for a more urban take on a confession booth. The piece will be no doubt hard to spot and there wasn’t any accompanying audio guide. Check it out below and at BanksyNY.



October 13th

For today’s installation, Banksy wanted to do a social experiment so he set up a stall in Central Park selling his authentic and signed spray art on a series of different sized canvasses for $60 each. The stall was being run by an elderly man, not Banksy himself, and didn’t see their first sale until 3:30PM, many hours after the stall had been set up. A quick search around the internet finds that most Banksy pieces are selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but evidently in Central Park on Sunday no one knew who Banksy was. In total for the day, $420 was made off the art, including one sale at half off. I guess it goes to show that no matter how famous you may be, you can still be a nobody, especially if you’re not in a gallery. Check it out below and over at BanksyNY.




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