Banksy “Better Out Than In NY: Day 26 & 27

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Each day in October brings with it the promise that Banksy will leave his mark on some new part of New York. Even though most people take weekends off, Bansky does not, so today we’re playing catch-up by bringing you the double-feature of weekend Better Out Than In street art installations.

October 26th

Following the grim reaper in the bumper car on Friday, Banksy decided to spend the weekend criticizing New York and its citizens. Saturday’s piece is an ‘alternate bumper sticker’ Banksy sprayed onto the loading door of a moving truck. The words “The Grumpier You Are, The More Assholes You Meet…” is new slogan Banksy puts on the people of New York, no doubt a jab at the growing legion of people either destroying his work, criticizing it, or trying to arrest him.



October 27th

On Sunday, Banksy had a couple of pieces to share. First was an editorial he wrote to the New York Times that wasn’t published. In the piece he rails against the new World Trade Center building as a missed opportunity and a failure to create something memorable and significant. He even coined the term ‘shy-scraper’ to describe the building. Read about it below:



Since the NYT didn’t publish his piece, Banksy supplemented the article with an installation in the Greenpoint neighborhood. Banksy turns the tables on his critics by painting over older graffiti and then stenciling ‘This Site Contains Blocked Messages’, as if doing the job of NY’s anti-graffiti team for them. It’s becoming clear that a) Banksy is getting pretty fed up in New York and b) he doesn’t give a fuck about what people think. Check it out below and see all of this weekend’s action over at BanksyNY.



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