Banksy “Better Out Than In” NY: Day 31

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Each day in October brings with it the promise that Banksy will leave his mark on some new part of New York. Today is Day 31 in his Better Out Than In street art installment series and finds Banksy doing one last piece for the road. Just as balloons are let go into the sky at the end of a fair, Banksy has creatively designed a ‘Banksy’ helium balloon graffiti that’s floating just off a Long Island Expressway on-ramp in Queens. He also leaves us with a downloadable JPG so you can make your own Banksy-style ‘I love NY’ t-shirt. What a month it’s been for graffiti in New York, and just as quickly as it started it’s over and Banksy disappears back into obscurity. Stay tuned for a recap on Banksy’s New York residency and the ensuing aftermath. Check out the pieces below and as always, over at BanksyNY.

Banksy-BOTI-Day-31-2 Banksy-BOTI-Day-31-3



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