Banksy To Take Over The Streets Of New York This Month

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Despite what everyone on the internet was reporting two weeks ago, Banksy is not doing a new show in Los Angeles. The good news is that Banksy is doing a new show, but the show is in New York, and it’s MUCH bigger than we previously thought. The famed graffiti artist is doing a residency on the streets of New York, putting up new pieces each day in spots around the city. You can track the art, locations, and all the info on his newly created Banksy NY website. Too add to the whole experience, Bansky has set up toll free numbers (listed near the pieces) viewers are encouraged to call where they can hear a tongue-and-cheek audio guide for the art they’re looking at. If you’re in New York this month, keep your eyes open for Banksy’s work and get to them quick, the first one was already painted over.

Banksy-NYC-BOTI-1 Banksy-NYC-BOTI-2 Banksy-NYC-BOTI-3 Banksy-NYC-BOTI-4



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