BAPE Ladies Spring ’14 Lookbook

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In addition to the Spring 2014 collection from BAPE we just presented, the Japanese streetwear stalwarts also released their new lookbook for the upcoming Spring ladies’ line. The lookbook shows the truly massive scope of the new range, touching on several smaller capsules within the larger collection, each with an offering of shorts, skirts, tees, shirting, hoodies, outerwear, and even accessories. With the exception of a few neutral camo pieces, the focus is definitely bright and vibrant colors, and large eye-catching prints. BAPE also works a global influence into the line with both British- and American-inspired pieces. Check it all out below and stay tuned for more information about the release.

BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-1 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-2 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-3 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-4 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-5 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-6 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-7 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-9 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-10 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-11 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-12 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-13 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-14 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-15 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-16 BAPE-Ladies-Spring-Summer-2014-17



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