BAPEVENTADOR: Final Shoot By Marcel Lech

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Back in December of last year, we caught our first glimpse of the outrageous BAPE camo-covered Lamborghini Aventador and it was love at first sight. Draping a one-of-a-kind BAPE camo over the unreal Aventador that has been tuned up with an Innotech Performance Exhaust system and blue Forgiato wheels makes this a truly rare beast. Sadly, this is the last you will ever see of the BAPEventador as right after Marcel Lech shot it, the wrap was taken off. Check it out below and check out more of Marcel’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-15 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-14 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-12 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-11 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-9 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-7 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-5 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-4 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-3 BAPEventador-Lamborghini-Marcel-Lech-Photography-1



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