@Bbcicecream Summer 13′ T-Shirt Collection #Streetwear

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Ice Cream has released their summer 13′ summer tshirt collection by Pharrell Williams. The shirts come in a range of colors that range from navy blue, white, green, baby blue, red, black, yellow, and orange. In that Ice Cream style. They got some dope gear for summer and the colors that fit it too with their graphics. take a look below. If you wanna grab some of this gear you can get it on the Ice Cream website. 

ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-02 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-05 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-10 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-11 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-12 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-13 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-14 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-16 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-19 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-21 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-22 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-24 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-25 ice-cream-summer-2013-tshirt-collection-28



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