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Be A $200 Million-Dollar Man With Greg Selkoe’s Skillshare Marketing Class

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Do you have ambitions of starting the world’s largest online streetwear retailer? Are you looking for ways to grow your brand from forced awkward obligation purchases from your family and friends? Whatever your motivation or business may be, it’s probably a worthwhile venture for you to put down that case of beer and invest that $15 in signing up for Greg Selkoe’s Skillshare Marketing Class. For those not in the know, Greg Selkoe is the founder of Karmaloop and for those not in the know about Karmaloop, you should definitely take this class ’cause you’re already way behind. Your entrance fee gets you access to all the course content including PDFs, videos, and examples, and the opportunity to submit your class project at the end. The project is to come up with a pitch deck for an unorthodox marketing campaign and if you work one out for Karmaloop they will review  your submission and the best idea will be implemented with your help at Karmaloop HQ in Boston. “Class” starts on September 18th so get your virtual ass over to Skillshare and read all about it. Watch the video from Greg below:



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