Better Than Your Prius: The Audi Sport Quattro Concept

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Based on the Quattro Concept Audi unveiled a few years ago (that was spotted driving up PCH at one time), Audi has released images of the upcoming concept version before its slated debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. The specs are off the charts on this two-door coupe: 700+ horsepower coming from not one, but TWO powerplants; one is a twin-turbo V8 and the other is an electric motor. The result is some crushing performance that’ll definitely give the BMW M3 something to worry about. We’re talking 189 MPH top-speed and a projected 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds. Oh, and this isn’t your garden-variety muscle, the Audi sips gas with fuel economy up to 94 MPG. Looks like your Prius just shit its pants. Here at Dopamine36 HQ we’ve all ordered a bunch of these new Audi’s so we can impress lovely ladies with our planet-saving muscle coupe…wait nevermind, I was daydreaming again. Hopefully this thing drops soon, but not too soon so we have time to save.

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