BMW Frozen White M5

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After we featured the incredible Lamborghini Snowventador last month, we were excited to see what the team at Marcel Lech photography captured next. The result is this stunning BMW ‘Frozen White’ M5, a collaboration with ADV.1, and again photographed by Marcel in Vancouver. Bathed in an icy matte white paint, this M5 is a solid sleeper pushing out 560 horsepower from its 4.4 liter turbo V8 (new downpipes are in the works to bring to total up to 600HP) in an unassuming four dour layout. Look closer though and you’ll notice the custom details including a lowered suspension, 21 inch ADV5.0 Track Spec SL wheels, Eisenmann exhaust, and a 3D design front carbon fibre kit which includes ducktail spoiler, diffuser, and front lip. Check out the Marcel’s shots below and stay tuned for the next incredible release from these guys.

BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-1 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-2 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-3 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-4 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-5 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-6 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-7 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-8 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-9 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-10 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-11 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-12 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-13 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-14 BMW-M5-Marcel-Lech-Dopamine36-16



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