Born x Raised Holiday ’13 Lookbook

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So what it’s 2014 now, Born x Raised always seem to be doing their own thing, so in typical fashion they just dropped their Holiday 2013 lookbook. The shoot which was captured at a full-on party, features Spanto and his homies wearing the latest BxR gear amongst a bunch of fellow partyers, drugs, and booze. The lookbook really reflects the brand’s ’90s punk sensibility and West Coast-heavy Old English aesthetic. Check it out below and shop Born x Raised gear before it’s gone over on the online shop.

Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-1 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-2 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-3 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-4 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-6 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-7 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-8 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-9 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-10 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-11 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-12 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-13 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-14 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-15 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-16 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-17 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-18 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-19 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-20 Born-x-Raised-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-21



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