Born X Raised Spring ’14 Collection

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LA’s Born X Raised have surfaced again with another limited availability range, this time for the Spring 2014 season. The new drop, which landed today at noon PST, includes tees, longsleeves, and hats, along with crewnecks and hoodies co-branded with Champion Athletic. Their signature fox returns but is joined by a fleet of new designs backed up by their ‘On The Turf’ and ‘We Don’t Fuck With You’ mantras. Check it out below and cop it quick from Born X Raised’s online shop before they vanish again.

Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-1 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-2 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-3 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-4 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-5 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-6 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-8 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-9 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-10 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-11 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-12 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-13 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-14 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-15 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-16 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-17 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-19 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-20 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-21 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-22 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-23 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-24 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-25 Born-x-Raised-Spring-2014-26



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