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Breaking Yeezus: Kanye West Vs. Breaking Bad

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Last week, Kanye West seemingly dominated the internet, from one corner to the other. His interview with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 lit up Twitter and the rest of social media, especially as BBC gradually released the video from the interview which added another dimension to the intensity that Kanye brought to the airwaves. It wasn’t long before his quotes became newsworthy and the spinoffs hit the internet. Then came the twitter feud against Jimmy Kimmel and the shockwave of reaction from the online community and again, the spinoffs. Yet, despite all this hype and controversy and coverage, there was something much bigger going on online: BREAKING BAD. In fact, despite the headlines Kanye has generated lately, Breaking Bad has been slaying Mr. West on Google for the last few weeks. We turned to the always fun and exciting Google Trends to get some hard facts on the matter.

In the last 7 days, Kanye’s popularity spiked on Friday following the Twitter rant against Kimmel but even then, he was still way behind Breaking Bad’s search presence.



Looking at the past 30 days provides some perspective on it all as searches for ‘Breaking Bad’ peaked weekly following the episodes’ airing on Sundays. Kanye was noticeably way below on search popularity.



As a control measure for this experiment, we looked at where Kimmel stands in popularity in comparison to both of these media giants. Surprisingly, Kimmel’s popularity closely mirrors Kanye’s for the last 7 days.




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