BYOB: Brew Your Own Beer With PicoBrew

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Do you love beer? Then keep reading this. Although I’m sure everyone enjoys slugging back PBR or Tecate night after night, now you can make your own shitty beer (or delicious exotic brew) easily and quickly so you can focus on what matters: drinking it! As their ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign comes to an end (over $500K later), the geniuses at PicoBrew are getting ready to release their Zymatic Automatic Beer Brewer. Essentially an espresso machine for beer, the Zymatic has precise temperature control and a bunch of crazy computer mojo that allows to to save and load recipes so you can make tasty shit every time. Beer lovers everywhere are stoked on this, even commercial brewers are stoked because they can small batch test new brews without having to bust out the big gear. I don’t know how else to explain it so I’ll let the graphic and video do the talking. $1600 will get you your own if you get in on the action in the next 4 days before the kickstarter ends. Check it out here.




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