Choose Your Own Adventure With Mishka & New Era

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Think you have a better design/color combo for Mishka‘s Keep Watch logo? Then prove it with their special release of the Keep Watch hat from New Era. Rock your own collab with the craziest shit you can dream up then make it happen with the five included permanent markers. No refunds once you start coloring so don’t hand it over to your three year-old and tell them to have-at-it. Definitely a cool concept from Mishka (even if it’s reminiscent of the Adidas Adicolor kicks) and I imagine Mishka will shout out the best designs. Grab yours and start coloring for $50 on Mishka’s online shop.

Mishka-x-New-Era-Create-Your-Own-Keep-Watch-Cap-2 Mishka-x-New-Era-Create-Your-Own-Keep-Watch-Cap-3 Mishka-x-New-Era-Create-Your-Own-Keep-Watch-Cap-4 Mishka-x-New-Era-Create-Your-Own-Keep-Watch-Cap-5 Mishka-x-New-Era-Create-Your-Own-Keep-Watch-Cap-6



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