CLSC Break Into Fall With New Lookbook & Collection

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Last week, streetwear/sportswear hybrids CLSC dropped their dark lookbook for their new collection, and on Friday the collection hit shelves. Capitalizing on the spooky time of year, the lookbook features lots of low-lit after dark action, plenty of masks, and some vandalism. All-in-all it looks boss, if not a little hard to see the gear at times. The collection itself picks up where CLSC left off, with their signature ‘Sucks To Suck’ mantra and clean ‘CA’ logo. CLSC did a great job of keeping the direction tight and it all works well together. Check it out below and grab some over at CLSC’s shop.

CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-1 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-2 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-3 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-4 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-5 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-6 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-7 CLSC-Fall-Lookbook-8 Print

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