Crooks & Castles Build A New Fortress On Fairfax

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The gang over at Hypebeast released some info and photos of Crooks & Castles’ new Flagship store on Fairfax Avenue in LA, joining an impressive pedigree of other streetwear brands holding it down in that block. The massive 2500 square foot store opened on October 3rd with a launch party as well as the introduction of the location-exclusive FRFX capsule collection. The store is super clean with a vintage/industrial aesthetic, combining mid-century style furniture and fixturing with natural concrete floors and an open concept. Reactions in the streetwear community seem to be mixed as some feel the store doesn’t fit the C&C ethos and is excessive for the brand. On the other hand, this is a FLAGSHIP folks so fucking right it’s going to be a museum that sells clothes. Check it out below and decide for yourself (pictures via Hypebeast).

Crooks & Castles Fairfax Flagship
455 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Crooks-Castles-Looks-New-Fairfax-Concept-Store-1 Crooks-Castles-Looks-New-Fairfax-Concept-Store-2 Crooks-Castles-Looks-New-Fairfax-Concept-Store-3 Crooks-Castles-Looks-New-Fairfax-Concept-Store-4 Crooks-Castles-Looks-New-Fairfax-Concept-Store-5 Crooks-Castles-Looks-New-Fairfax-Concept-Store-6




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