Destroy Your City This Weekend With Some Limited Edition Godzilla Sake

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I’ve never had the experience of drinking Sake before, but if I was to drink it now I would insist it come in this limited edition ceramic Godzilla bottle. This run of 3000 bottles from I-have-no-idea-who-makes-it-but-it’s-from-Japan was modeled after the classic 1989 restyling of this glorious creature. At $100, it’s significantly more than that bottle of Hennessy you bought for this weekend but it’s guaranteed that no one will fuck wit u if you roll into a party with this beast. Plus, once you’re done with it you can fill it back up with whatever other drank you want. If you can read the language then get this thing here and hope that it won’t give you a hangover of mythical beast proportions.

godzila-sake godzila-sake2



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