Dime Of The Day: Alessia Fontanella

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is Italian babe Alessia Fontanella. To be honest, we don’t have much information on Alessia beyond that she’s an exotic beauty and a model in Italy, what else do you really want to know? Check out Ms. Fontanella below and make sure to show her some love on Facebook and Instagram!

Alessia-Fontanella-Model-1 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-3 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-5 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-7 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-10 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-11 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-14 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-15 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-16 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-17 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-18 Alessia-Fontanella-Model-19



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