Dime Of The Day: Alie Layus

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is model turned DJ/producer Alie Layus. To be honest, we only found out about Alie today through her collaboration with Petals And Peacocks, but we’re sure glad we did! In addition to being one of the hottest DJs in Las Vegas, Alie has made appearances in Playboy and has done a bunch of shoots with Rey Trajano (many of those shots you can see below). Check out Alie Layus below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Alie-Layus-5 Alie-Layus-6 Alie-Layus-7 Alie-Layus-10 Alie-Layus-11 Alie-Layus-12 Alie-Layus-15 Alie-Layus-Rey-Trajano-1 Alie-Layus-Rey-Trajano-2 Alie-Layus-Rey-Trajano-3 Alie-Layus-Rey-Trajano-4



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