Dime Of The Day: Christmas Edition!

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We got you what you always wanted (and no, not socks, ugly sweaters, or pajamas), a bunch of festively gorgeous dimes for you to unwrap with your eyes. This very special edition includes the latest shots of India Reynolds, Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, and Holly Peers from the NUTS Magazine Christmas Special, along with special appearances by Claudia Romani, and Shay Maria. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

India-Reynolds-Christmas-Santa-Nuts-1 India-Reynolds-Christmas-Santa-Nuts-2 India-Reynolds-Lucy-Pinder-Rosie-Jones-Christmas-1 India-Reynolds-Lucy-Pinder-Rosie-Jones-Christmas-2 India-Reynolds-Lucy-Pinder-Rosie-Jones-Christmas-3 India-Reynolds-Lucy-Pinder-Rosie-Jones-Christmas-4 India-Reynolds-Lucy-Pinder-Rosie-Jones-Christmas-5 India-Reynolds-Lucy-Pinder-Rosie-Jones-Christmas-6 Lucy-Pinder-Christmas-Santa-Nuts-1 Lucy-Pinder-Christmas-Santa-Nuts-2Claudia-Romani-Christmas-Santa-1 Claudia-Romani-Christmas-Santa-2 Claudia-Romani-Christmas-Santa-3



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