Dime Of The Day: Devin Brugman

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Today’s Dime Of The Day, Devin Brugman, should be declared a national treasure. While studying business in college, Devin and her equally hot partner in crime Tasha Oakley, created ‘A Bikini A Day’, a much-loved instagram profile featuring a new shot every day of either Devin or Tasha in a bikini. It may seem simple enough, and it is, but the profile has over 270,000 followers (not to mention the nearly 320,000 followers Devin has on her personal Instagram) and has grown into a full website and business. Devin was raised in Maui but moved back to Los Angeles following high school and is making a name for herself as both a model, and young entrepreneur. Check her out below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Oh yeah, and you probably want to check out A Bikini A Day. You’re welcome.
Devin-Brugman-1 Devin-Brugman-3 Devin-Brugman-4 Devin-Brugman-5 Devin-Brugman-6 Devin-Brugman-7 Devin-Brugman-8

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