Dime Of The Day: Gabby Jeanne

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is Los Angeles-based model Gabby Jeanne. You might recognize Gabby from her regular features on’s Babeology and covers on Import Tuner and Super Street. She was also the sexy girl ‘Between The Sheets’ in Old English’s most recent shoot. Check out Gabby Jeanne below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, and Facebook! Check out more Gabby on

Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-13 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-11 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-12 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-14 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-15 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-10 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-9 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-8 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-7 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-I-Heart-Girls-Dopamine36-6 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-Dopamine36-6 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-Dopamine36-5 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-Dopamine36-1 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-Dopamine36-2 Gabby-Jeanne-Model-Dopamine36-3



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