Dime Of The Day: Helga Lovekaty

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is Russian super babe Helga Lovekaty. To be honest we don’t have a lot of information on Helga beyond that she is stunning, she’s from St. Petersburg, Russia, and she’s a model with Mavrin Studios. Regardless, check out this beauty below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! If you want to see more Helga, check out her fanmade tumblr.

Helga-Lovekaty-1 Helga-Lovekaty-2 Helga-Lovekaty-4 Helga-Lovekaty-5 Helga-Lovekaty-6 Helga-Lovekaty-7 Helga-Lovekaty-8



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