Dime Of The Day: Jamzz Baby aka Jamie Conrad

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Today’s Dime Of The Day goes by the mystical name of Jamzz Baby . Miami-based Jamie Conrad is a model, dancer, and hairstylist and she’s got the looks to back up all three. She’s been snapped by industry pros like Van Styles and Art Crazy Photography. In fact, check out this sexy shoot she did with Van last summer (and all her VS shoots here), you won’t be disappointed. She’s also taken part in the infamous Black Tape Project. Check Jamzz out below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and check out her Tumblr for lots more!

Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-1 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-2 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-3 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-4 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-5 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-7 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-9 Jamie-Conrad-Jamzz-Baby-11



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