Dime Of The Day: Katie Pfeffer

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is the multi-talented Katie Pfeffer. On top of being a smokin’ hot model, Katie is also a booking agent for models and dancers, and she’s an oral surgery assistant. She’s also pretty active, enjoying spending her time riding horses (see the first picture below), dancing, hiking, and climbing. Check her out below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-9 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-11 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-10 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-1 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-2 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-3 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-5 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-6 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-7 Katie-Pfeffer-Tattoos-8



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