Dime Of The Day: Stefani Chapman aka Stef Lova

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is the smokin’ hot inked beauty Stefani Chapman aka Stef Lova. Stef started as a makeup artist but has grown in the industry with an impressive modeling portfolio as well. Stefani has been featured in Inked Magazine, and has a bunch of sexy shoots with Willie Toledo under her belt. Check her out below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-8 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-10 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-7 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-4 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-9 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-5 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-11 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-2 Stef-Lova-Chapman-Tattoos-Dopamine36-3



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