Dime Of The Day: Talisa Monet

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Today’s Dime Of The Day is inked beauty Talisa Monet. LA-based Talisa has done plenty of shoots in the streetwear game for brands like Rue Co., Rebel 8, Villans, and more. Check her out below and make sure to show her some love on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram!

Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-1 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-2 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-3 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-4 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-5 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-6 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-7 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-8 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-9 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-10 Talisa-Monet-Dopamine36-11



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