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We feel very blessed to have been able to interview so many crazy talented artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, and streetwear heads our first year out, so now we’re taking a look back at the biggest and brightest. We present to you, our readers, the 12 most popular features this year, stay tuned for even bigger and better content in 2014! Click on the green date links to read these great pieces and make sure to check out all the great features we’ve done this year.

12. Quintin Co., December 11th

We followed this brand all year and were more and more impressed with each new lookbook, collection, and project. Finally, at the end of the year we caught up with the team to learn how they grew so huge in less than four years.

Quintin-Co-Banner-3-718x400 Quintin-Co-Banner-3-718x400-2



11. Cali Buds Audio, October 14th

When we came across a homegrown brand making Audio Dope, we knew we had to find out more about Cali Buds. And, once we tested the product we knew these guys were the real deal.

Cali-Buds-Feature-718x400 Cali-Buds-Feature-718x400-2



10. Mike Schreiber, October 2nd

Mike is straight-up one of the coolest dudes you can meet. He has stories for days about photographing some of the biggest names in hip hop and his talent backs it all up. It was a huge honor to be able to chop it up with Mike and learn more about the man behind the lens.

Mike-Schreiber-Feature-1 Mike-Schreiber-Feature-2



9. Ian Tait, October 4th

Dropping only two days after our feature on Mike Schreiber, Ian Tait’s Artist Spotlight quickly racked up a lot of views. We even loved his work so much that we added his Wu-Tang posters to our online shop.

Ian-Tait-1 Ian-Tait-2



8. Jaison Rayan, October 17th

Jaison is a rad dude; his minimalist illustrations of rap icons like Kendrick Lamar and Action Bronson first caught our attention, and then we found out he’s also running his own clothing line.

Danny Brown Jaison-Rayan-2



7. Ben Jensen aka Way Bad, October 22nd

I’ll admit, I hit up Ben because I knew of him from my hometown back in Canada, but that doesn’t change the facts that he makes radical punk/skate art, has done designs for Vans and Raised By Wolves, and he’s a cool young dad. Besides, his artist feature was the start of an ongoing partnership that has yielded some other great features.

Ben-Jensen-Way-Bad-1 Ben-Jensen-Way-Bad-2



6. Dan Cole, September 17th

If I’m not mistaken, Dan Cole was our first-ever artist feature. Glad we put our best foot forward with his awesome classic sneaker stamp designs!

Dan-Cole-1 Dan-Cole-2



5. The Decades, October 24th

We have a ton of respect for Brooks and Matt at The Decades because they’re really doing their own thing in the headwear game, which is why they’re excelling in such a crowded market. Each new drop has been totally different and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

The-Decades-1 The-Decades-2



4. Ricardo Gonzalez, November 6th

Ricardo (or It’s A Living) has some of the dopest calligraphy around, and we were impressed by his skills across all mediums, even graff!



3. Soul Assassins, November 1st

There’s no way we could rep SoCal without interviewing the legendary crew at Soul Assassins, so we were pretty stoked when Andrew and DJ Muggs sat down with us to shoot a video.



2. Chris Ngo at The Leverage Showroom, July 24th

This was one of first features, and a video interview at that! Our fellow Santa Ana homie talked to us about bringing streetwear to DTSA.



1. Behind The Scene @ One Foot On A Banana Peel, November 26th

As I mentioned earlier, we have an ongoing partnership with Ben Jensen so when we found out he was going to this show we asked him if he would cover it for us. What we didn’t anticipated was how popular this feature would become, proof that the art community supports each other big time!

One-Foot-On-A-Banana-Peel-Chicago-1 One-Foot-On-A-Banana-Peel-Chicago-2




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