Drink, Smoke, And Don’t Suck With CLSC’s Socks

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The sportswear rebels at CLSC have dropped a trio of dope sock designs that will ensure you will not suck. First up is the “Drunk” socks that features CLSC’s take on the classic swill PBR with the corresponding ‘Always Hungover’ on the bottom of the feet. Next, the “Port” joints bring your favorite smokes to your feet, complete with filter and ember. Lastly, the “Sucks” pair features CLSC’s classic “Sucks To Suck” slogan on a clean black base. Check them out below and grab a pair for $12 from CLSC’s online shop.

CLSC-Socks-1 CLSC-Socks-2 CLSC-Socks-3 CLSC-Socks-4 CLSC-Socks-6 CLSC-Socks-7



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